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When It Comes to the Law, Experience Matters 

Kenneth Grubbs has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since May of 1997. Since then he has handled approximately 700 divorce, 400 real estate transaction and litigation clients, numerous deceptive trade practices act (DTPA) cases and numerous consumer litigation cases that have come to either trial or a successful settlement. 

Mr. Grubbs has represented more than 2,000 clients during the past 18 years, so no matter how unique your situation may seem, chances are he’s had past experience with something similar. As an experienced trial attorney, he doesn’t shy away from the hard cases and doesn’t back down when it’s in his client’s best interest to fight.
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Real Estate, Business and Debt Collection Representation

Whether you're a small business owner who wants to ensure the validity of your contracts and governance, you need assistance with incorporation or are struggling with debt collection or law suits. Mr. Grubbs can help. He has handled more than 400 real estate transactions and litigation cases and has helped many San Antonio are business owners with their legal needs, both routine and complex. 
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Small Business Legal Representation 

Additionally, Mr. Grubbs represents a number of small businesses and companies on a retainer basis. If you’re like many small businesses who require legal assistance on occasion, he can provide you with experienced representation on a variety of issues including debt collection, business litigation defense and business planning.

Personal Injury Representation 

If you have been seriously injured or hurt, you can turn to Mr. Grubbs for aggressive and seasoned personal injury representation. As a trial lawyer with extensive experience in the courtroom, Mr. Grubbs doesn’t shy away from a fight, and will use his knowledge and experience to fight for the outcome that’s in your best interest.

He is more than willing to try your case in front of a jury if you are not receiving what you should, or are not satisfied with the mediation.
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